Initiate & Coordinate


Organise ARISE! According to Your Local Context

ARISE! is simply about gathering the children together in praise and worship - this call is first and foremost to families and then the wider church body.

The meetings should be run according to your local context, with your local expressions of worship. Here are some ways that it has happened

– just pray and ask the Lord how He wants it done for your community and work in unity with like-minded partners.
Remember: There is no expectation on size/numbers but only unity of the body.


Large Gatherings
ARISE! can be organised as a large gathering. It has been held in stadiums, auditoriums, church, school halls or even out in the open street or field.
Small Meetings
ARISE! can also be organised as a small group meeting and held in a church or even a home. Pray and see what is right for your community.
ARISE! can be held in one central location and all families invited to attend. This could make the communication and publicity easier but is distance an issue for the people?
ARISE! Praise & Worship can also be held across multiple locations and even across different days. Some coordinators have chosen to do it this way to maximise participation.

How to get started?

If ARISE! has not started in your village/town or city, you could be the one to start this movement for your community.

The Lord has initiated ARISE! through different people/groups. Do pray to see how best to work with like-minded partners in unity. Here are examples;

  • Singapore – ARISE! was initiated by an individual who received the vision and began by faith to invite churches/individuals to participate. At every ARISE! we have see more than 70-100 churches and organisations work together
  • In the USA: It was primarily individuals who organised ARISE! either with other families or their church support
  • In S.Africa, India and Honduras: ARISE! vision was caught by groups like the local Children's Prayer Network or church which was already working and ministering to children and they mobilised others to join in and organise ARISE!
  • In Shanghai and Beijing China: ARISE! was anchored by a church
  • In Malawi: A Bishop caught the vision and gathered the churches
  • In Sabah Malaysia: A network of church pastors agreed to organise ARISE! for their city

Start by:

  1. Register your interest to organise ARISE! with us
  2. We will be in touch as soon as we receive your email
  3. Pray with like-minded people about how the Lord would have you launch ARISE!


ARISE! International Support

The coordinating for ARISE! is done out of Singapore.
We strive to support your publicity through:

  • On-line presence: a web page will be created to publicise your meeting details.
    Your coordinator will be given access to maintain the page/site or we will assist with this
  • Email address: an official email address will be created and you can communicate officially with this
  • Access to resources: we make available all the different materials we have used in the past and also what other countries share with the ARISE! family. These include; songs, action videos, designs for posters, flyers, tshirts, ideas on how to run ARISE! or how you can lead prayer, do the opening etc. You are free to translate these and use them for your ARISE!


Every ARISE! meeting must be provided for by the organising party/parties themselves whether this is an individual, church or organisation.

This vision began and continues to run on a faith basis and we raise the funds needed using Exodus 25:2 principle.(see ABOUT ARISE!). If you are praying and planning to start ARISE! please note this and you must handled this aspect responsibly.

As described above, there are several ways to raise support & resources including funding through your local community (churches, individuals, organisations).